Brian O’ Lynn A Rare Irish Gentleman

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A beautifully illustrated version of the ancient song “Brian O’Lynn”. Using the sgraffito technique, Kate Murtagh Sheridan has captured minute details which bring each scene to life whilst the qr link to the song being sung by Fionnuala adds a multi-sensory dimension. Produced, printed, published and bound in Ireland, this is a keep-sake book that will delight all generations.



Brian O’ Lynn A Rare Irish Gentleman. A chance to purchase this beautiful keepsake book, which brings the old song “Brian O’Lynn” to life in its richly detailed sgraffito illustrations by award-winning artist Kate Murtagh Sheridan with a QR link to the music as sung by renowned traditional singer Fionnuala Maxwell which offers a multi-visual experience for all ages.

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 220 × 10 × 270 mm

1 review for Brian O’ Lynn A Rare Irish Gentleman

  1. Janet Sheehy

    So good, I bought it twice! Once for a gift and the second one to keep for myself. I love the illustrations, and the research that has gone into them. My young relations will enjoy listening to the song, and singing along while looking at the pictures. It is beautifully produced, printed and bound in Ireland.

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