The Guggering Bag

Exploring our rich cultural heritage through songs, stories, art & discovery


Potatoes formed the staple diet for most Irish people for many years and in the Breifne area of Cavan, Leitrim, Longford and Roscommon, the setting of the potato seeds was called “guggering”.

“The setting of the potatoes is usually left to the women and girls of the house. Until recently the girls in each townland joined together and helped each other at this work.”

Margaret Flynn, Dùchas School’s Collection, Drumshanbo




The Breifne region which includes Leitrim, Cavan and parts of their neighbouring counties is culturally rich with a unique history of customs, traditions, songs and stories. Our ancestors were hugely resourceful and were very much in tune with their natural surroundings.

Whether it was clothing, food or entertainment, these people turned to the natural resources they had at hand. They lived simple, but meaningful lives and they left a legacy of songs, stories, beliefs and traditions, many of which have lain buried in various written sources or in the memories of those old enough to remember. 

It is our aim to uncover many of these buried treasures & to “gugger” them into new soil through projects, publications, learning events & more.

Kate   Murtagh   Sheridan

Kate Murtagh Sheridan

Visual Artist, Ceramicist & Educator

Fionnuala   Maxwell

Fionnuala Maxwell

Traditional Singer, Researcher & Educator

Kate Murtagh Sheridan


Fionnuala Maxwell